Book Club


ommunity of Christ Book Club is an engaging and dynamic group dedicated to exploring a wide range of literature that resonates with the teachings and values of the Community of Christ, a Christian denomination known for its focus on peace, reconciliation, and community welfare. This page outlines the purpose, activities, and benefits of participating in the book club, providing an overview for those interested in joining or learning more about it.


The primary purpose of Community of Christ Book Club is to deepen participants’ understanding of their faith, foster spiritual growth, and promote discussions on topics relevant to the denomination’s core values. By exploring books that touch on themes such as peace, justice, community building, and spiritual development, members can enhance their personal faith journey while contributing to the broader conversation within Community of Christ.


The book club meets regularly, either in person or online, to discuss a pre-selected book that members have read over a set period. Meetings typically involve:

  • Book Discussions: Members share their insights, reflections, and questions about the book. These discussions are often facilitated to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute.
  • Guest Speakers: Whenever possible, authors, theologians, or experts related to the book’s theme are invited to share their perspectives, providing deeper understanding and enriching the conversation.
  • Community Service Projects: Inspired by the themes and lessons from the books, the club may organize community service projects or charity events, embodying the denomination’s commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

Book Selection

Books are chosen through a collaborative process, with members suggesting titles that align with the club’s objectives. Selection criteria include relevance to Community of Christ’s teachings, potential for insightful discussion, and the book’s ability to challenge and inspire readers. Genres range from theology and spirituality to fiction and memoirs that reflect on ethical living, peace-making, and community engagement.

Benefits of Participation

Joining Community of Christ Book Club offers several benefits:

  • Spiritual Growth: Engaging with a variety of perspectives on faith and spirituality can enrich one’s understanding and personal faith journey.
  • Community Building: The book club fosters a sense of community among members, creating a supportive environment for exploring faith and life’s challenges.
  • Educational Development: Exposure to different authors, cultures, and ideas promotes intellectual growth and a broader understanding of the world.
  • Service Opportunities: Inspired by the club’s readings, members can participate in service projects that align with Community of Christ’s mission to pursue peace on Earth.