Sunday School


unday School at the Salt Lake City Community of Christ congregation is a vibrant and integral part of the church's ministry, designed to offer engaging religious education and spiritual development for people of all ages. Reflecting the church's inclusive and welcoming ethos, the Sunday School program aims to foster a deep understanding of Christian principles, scripture, and the Community of Christ's unique mission and identity.

Program Structure

The Sunday School is meticulously structured to cater to different age groups, ensuring that each lesson is age-appropriate and accessible. The classes are typically divided as follows:

Children’s Classes: These classes focus on introducing young children to the stories of the Bible, Christian values, and the importance of love, kindness, and community. Activities often include storytelling, crafts, and interactive lessons that make learning fun and engaging.

Youth Classes: Teenagers are provided with a curriculum that tackles more complex theological concepts, ethical discussions, and personal spirituality. This group engages in open discussions, service projects, and lessons that relate to their everyday lives and challenges.

Adult Classes: Adult education varies widely, offering deeper dives into scripture, theological discourse, church history, and discussions on contemporary social issues from a Christian perspective. The aim is to support ongoing spiritual growth, understanding, and application of faith principles in daily life.

Teaching Approach

The teaching approach in Salt Lake City Community of Christ Sunday School emphasizes inclusivity, open dialogue, and personal reflection. Teachers are volunteers from the congregation who bring a passion for education and a deep commitment to their faith. The curriculum is designed not only to impart knowledge but also to encourage questions, foster community, and facilitate personal spiritual journeys.

Community in Fellowship

Beyond the classroom, Sunday School at Salt Lake City Community of Christ serves as a foundation for community building and fellowship. Special events, service projects, and inter-class activities are organized regularly to bring the congregation together, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support. These gatherings are opportunities for members to live out their faith in practical ways, serving each other and their wider community.

The Sunday School program at Salt Lake City Community of Christ is a testament to the church’s dedication to education, spiritual development, and community engagement. By providing a welcoming and nurturing environment, the Sunday School helps individuals at every stage of life to grow in their faith, understand their place in the broader community, and live out the teachings of Christ in their daily lives. It’s an essential part of the congregation’s mission to promote peace, reconciliation, and the worth of all persons.