Our Beliefs

Basic Beliefs

The good news of Jesus Christ is at the center of the faith and beliefs of Community of Christ. We are a worldwide community and are committed to follow Jesus, bring forth the kingdom of God, and seek together the revealing, renewing presence of the Holy Spirit. We offer here our Basic Beliefs, not as the last word, but as an open invitation to all to embark on the adventure of discipleship. As we seek God’s continuing guidance, we encourage all people to study the scriptures and think about their experiences as they engage in the life of the church.

Enduring Principles

Our Enduring Principles define the essence, heart, and soul of our faith community. They describe the personality of our church as expressed throughout the world. We do our best to uphold these principles as a faithful response to our heritage and our continuing experience with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Disciple's Generous Response

In simple terms, we are called to respond with thankfulness and share with others as generously as God has shared with us. The six principles of a Disciples’ Generous Response help us grow into-and expand-our true capacity as faithful stewards who live generously.