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Poetry: The Not Covenant Path

By Maren Chen

I opted out of Heaven
I opted out of Eternal Salvation. 
I opted out of the yellow brick Covenant Path.
I could read the writing on the wall. 
I could clearly see the others who had been wounded- sometimes fatally- while on that road. 
I could tell it would not be a safe path for my child to walk. 
So I decided I could not walk in either. 
It hurt like Hell to walk away from Heaven 
And turn my feet away from the yellow bricks. 
But staying where I was hurt worse, 
So I stepped off the path and into the unknown. 
If I’m not walking the Covenant Path anymore, 
Then what path am I walking on, 
And where does it lead? 
I’ll admit I don’t know.
But as I meander along this Not-Covenant Path,
I’ve learned a few things: 
Don’t ask a question unless you really want to hear the answer. 
Don’t seek approval from those who will never give it. 
Don’t solicit opinions you don’t need. 
Don’t forget that all people are just people and nothing more. 
No one is in charge here, and
No one knows the way. 
So follow your heart and your mind, 
And treat others the way you’d like to be treated. 
And maybe . . . wherever I end up
At the end of this long and winding road
Will be exactly where I’m meant to be.

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