Welcoming & Affirming Statement

Our congregational leadership team and support group have actively participated in the Harmony Welcoming & Affirming program and crafted the following as our official Welcoming & Affirming Statement.

Voting on this statement will occur on July 28, 2024, during the Business Meeting after church. While only fully confirmed members of Community of Christ are eligible to vote, we encourage our friends of the congregation to share their voices and feedback through this form.

The public comment period ends on July 21, 2024. This is one week prior to the congregational vote.

Welcome to Salt Lake City Community of Christ, where we create a safe and affirming space for all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or family structure. Here, you can be queer and belong to a church. Whether you identify as queer or as an ally, you will find a place to fellowship, participate in worship, and grow spiritually.

We celebrate and embrace the diversity of human experience. We support loving and healthy relationships and families in their beautiful variety. Love comes in many forms and queerness is an integral part of who you are. Our congregation prioritizes people over policy, ensuring that you are welcome, valued, respected, and embraced for who you are. Welcome to our safe space.